The Art of Finding Sex Locally

Pay attention to the title of this blog post. Notice that I used the word “developing”. I did not use the word “getting” or “hooking up with”. The reason why I used that wording is because it’s absolutely true. You have to understand that these type of friendships are something that you have to be both systematic and methodical about. In other words, you have to think about it extensively before you take action on it. Finding local sex isn’t that easy if you’re not using the right site.

 The Art of Finding Sex Locally - Other Sex

It’s not like an afterthought. It’s not something that you think of at the last moment and you end up implementing. In fact, most of the guys who try to develop local fuck buddies that way completely blow things up. They completely screw up their existing relationships and they get labeled as local perverts, scumbags, and pieces of shit.

If you don’t want that to happen to you, then you have to understand that you only have to adopt one golden rule for you to increase the likelihood that you will be successful in your attempts at developing local fuck buddies. What golden rule am I talking about? What rule should you be always paying attention to? Very simple. Don’t shit where you eat.

If you’ve developed an extensive network of female friends, don’t fuck it up by converting some of those females into sex buddies. While some of them might be emotionally mature enough to divorce their physical lives from their emotional attachment and relationship with you, most can’t. I really can’t blame them because most guys have the same problems. So, if you are serious about developing existing friends into local fuck buddies, don’t say I didn’t warn you ahead of time.

The lesson you need to learn? You can’t be lazy. You have to be purposeful and you have to work with a plan in mind.

The Art of Finding Sex Locally - Other Sex
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